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Vehicles drive by Harbour Landing Village located on 4000 James Hill Road in Regina, Sask. Residents in Regina’s Harbour Landing community are calling on the city check my blog of Regina to address safety concerns on a busy roadway in their neighbourhood. The road in question is the 4000 block of James Hill Road where a retirement and assisted living centre named Harbour Landing Village is located. A childcare centre, kitchen and bar, coffee shop and hair salon are all inside the building as well. A playground and multipurpose field are also found across the street from the facility. The talks come after an incident on Tuesday when a seven-year-old boy and a moving vehicle collided on the same block. The child, who was in between parked cars, ran into the passenger side of the vehicle and suffered minor injuries. Janson Anderson, president and CEO of Harbour Landing Village, said it can be quite a busy area with all these elements combined. A number of vehicles are usually parked on the side of the street, which can prove to be difficult for some motorists trying to keep an eye out for pedestrians wanting to cross the road between parked vehicles. “Making sure there is a safe crossing option that actually works well is huge for us,” said Anderson on Thursday. Read more: Child avoids serious injury after collision with vehicle in Regina’s Harbour Landing: police Anderson shared that the care home has had “productive meetings” with the city to discuss different options on how they can establish a safe crossing choice for residents. “This is not just for our Harbour Landing Village community. With a park across the street and a large field space, there are a lot of kids, a lot of cars and a lot of dangerous opportunities for things to happen,” Anderson added. Saskatoon speed limit review highlights safety concerns, frustrates some Saskatoon speed limit review highlights safety concerns, frustrates some – Feb 25, 2021 Signs showing 30 km/h between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. have been posted on the block, however, he admitted the speed limit is not always followed by drivers. There are technically two designated crossing options at each end of the street, but nothing across from the building or park. One way Harbour Landing Village hopes to alleviate the congestion of parked vehicles on the street in front of them is by expanding their parking lot behind the building. Anderson said this would double the total number of parking spaces they have currently, which he hopes can contribute to fewer cars parked on the street. Read more: Regina police looking for man in potential abduction attempt in Harbour Landing “We’re hoping that the city also acknowledges that this is a bit of a non-traditional type of situation and maybe we need to look at a different type of crossing option than what they would do in other areas,” noted Anderson.

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Utah's Great Salt Lake drops to lowest level ever recorded The USGS said Saturday it was about an inch below the previous record. Experts say climate change impossible to ignore as drought, fires plague US A historic drought in the western U.S. is linked to extreme heat and wildfires, while devastating floods sweep through parts of China and Europe. Experts say it’s all exacerbated by climate change. The southern portion of the Great Salt Lake in Utah has dropped to its lowest level ever, the U.S Geological Survey said Saturday. Lake levels have been declining for some time, but the record-breaking drought hitting the West has accelerated its fall in recent months. Average daily water levels dropped about an inch below the previous record of 4,194 feet, set in 1963, with records dating back to 1847. A series of images released by Utah's Division of Water Resources showed the clear contrast between what the Great Salt Lake -- the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere -- looked like at its highest and average levels versus the new record low Water levels at Great Salt Lake are shown at its record in 1986, average in 2000 and new record low this weekend. The drought numbers in Utah this year illustrate how dire the situation is there. The latest U.S Drought Monitor report released on Thursday shows nearly 100% of the state is experiencing extreme drought conditions -- level 3 out of 4. To make matters worse, more than two-thirds of the state is now in an exceptional drought -- the highest drought level. Just one year ago, there were no exceptional drought conditions reported in Utah. The impacts of the relentless drought are far from over. More than two-thirds of Utah is now in an exceptional drought -- the highest drought level. "Based on current trends and historical data, the USGS anticipates water levels may decline an additional foot over the next several months," Ryan Rowland, data chief for the USGS Utah resources Water Science Center, said in a statement. The USGS and Utah officials said they continue to closely monitor lake levels and the drought situation in the state as potential impacts could cascade through not only the state's natural resources, but also through the economy.