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All Star Federation (USASF). A new USA TODAY investigation has exposed how weaknesses in the sport's child protection policies play out in one powerhouse cheerleading company, Cheer Extreme, where a coach continued to work with kids despite facing alarming criminal charges. Read that investigation here . Help USA TODAY investigate misconduct in cheerleading If you are an athlete, parent, coach, gym owner or someone else with a connection to cheer, we want to hear yourstory. But other gyms and cheer organizations have failed to enact and enforce athlete protection policies, pointing to broader problems across the sport. For example: next North Carolina gym owner Nicholas Sweeney was suspended by USASF in January while under law enforcement investigation relating to his conduct with athletes, including allegations that he'd taken photos of athletes and told one of them she could take off her underwear when changing into a uniform, according to information provided to police. In an email to parents, USASF said Sweeney, 47, would be prohibited from coaching athletes in the program. But parents emailed USASF and its investigator more than a dozen times voicing concerns about Sweeney’s continued presence in the gym, sharing photos and videos as evidence. Sweeney denied wrongdoing, and law enforcement closed its investigation without charges, saying no one had disclosed a crime. But Sweeney remained under USASF suspension and, earlier this week, was permanently banned from the sport. Prior to being banned, he told USA TODAY that he was abiding by the terms of his suspension while continuing to be in the gym. "I stopped coaching all my teams. I stopped coaching classes. I have not done anything in the gym with any USASF athletes," said Sweeney, adding that he has been coaching high school cheer teams in the gym. He did not click here respond to a request for additional comment about being banned by USASF. As of Friday afternoon, his co-owner Darlene McNabb said Sweeney was in the process of selling his shares of the company to her, in light of his permanent ban. She said he is no longer allowed in the gym under any circumstances. Jose Alvarez is facing two felony cases in Texas in which he is accused of sexually assaulting one teenage cheerleader and soliciting explicit photos from another, according to court records, police records and interviews. The 28-year-old was banned by cheerleading's governing bodies in September. But Alvarez competed in April at the National Cheerleaders Association’s collegiate competition.

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A gender panel and task force is working to bring more women into the process. The latest assessment will include new advances in science and a better understanding of the human impact on global warming. It will also have an interactive atlas—a novel addition—and five emissions scenarios that will explore the impact of rising emissions. A certainty statement: Each assessment has included a level of confidence that human activities are responsible for projected warming. The last one in 2013 put that confidence at extremely likely. Shifting baselines: This assessment will be fed by a new generation of computer models. A report last year, for example, suggested that historical temperature rise has been slightly bigger than previously thought, said Richard Black, a senior associate at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit. “What will that turn into about the carbon budget left?” he asked. Other gases: Given advances in the science around the different greenhouse gases, Working Group I could separate the way they treat carbon dioxide and other long-lived greenhouse gases from methane and other short-lived ones. Timing: What impact might the report have on upcoming meetings, such as the U.N. General Assembly, the Group of 20 and the climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland? Is the window for achieving the 1.5 degree Celsius temperature limit of the Paris Agreement closing? How quickly? How feasible is it to meet the temperature targets? Wording: The power of the IPCC is that it’s comprehensive, said Le Quéré. It’s the only report that looks at measurements from the land to the ocean to the stratosphere. It looks at modeling and human experience. That makes the strength of the language and the coherence between the observations all the more important. She said she expects all the new information to come together in a powerful way.