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Tap Water Tap vs Bottled: Study Shows Environmental Impact of Water Consumption Globally, bottled water use has risen dramatically in recent years. According to prior studies, subjective variables such as risk perception, taste, odor, lack of faith in public tap water quality, and bottled water company marketing can all contribute to this tendency. The goal of this new study, which was published in Science of the Total Environment , was to provide accurate statistics on different types of water consumption: bottled water, tap water, and filtered tap water. This research was carried out in cooperation with the Universitat Politècnica de CatalunyaTech's Group of Environmental Engineering and Microbiology (GEMMA) (UPC). Assessing Environmental and Health Impacts Because of the varied techniques used and the following conclusions, environmental and health consequences are generally examined independently. For example, life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a process for estimating environmental impacts, whereas Health Impact Assessment is a method for assessing human health implications (HIA). Our study attempted to overcome this methodological hurdle by integrating LCA and HIA in the same analysis for the first time. Because tap water quality varies by city or country, the study team concentrated on Barcelona owing to the reliability of accessible data. The Life Cycle Assessment was carried out with the help of specialized software and a method continue known as ReCiPe, which allowed researchers to calculate the damage to ecosystems and resource availability, and indirect effects on human health caused by the bottled and tap water manufacturing process. In addition, the Barcelona Public Health Agency provided data on water consumption patterns and chemical substances in the water supply for the Health Impact Assessment. (Photo : Why You Need to Break Your Bottled Water Habit) According to the findings, if the whole population of Barcelona was to switch to bottled water, the needed production would result in the extinction of 1.43 species per year and a cost of $83.9 million per year due to raw material extraction. Compared to the scenario where the whole population switches to tap water, this has a 1,400-fold greater impact on ecosystems and a 3,500-fold higher cost of resource extraction. "Since the implementation of sophisticated treatments in recent years, the quality of tap water in Barcelona has significantly improved. However, this significant improvement has not been matched by an increase in tap water consumption, suggesting that water consumption may be driven by subjective reasons other than quality." Cristina Villanueva, an ISGlobal researcher, and the study's primary author, agree. "The presence of chemical substances in tap water is one of these subjective variables. While it is true that tap water may contain trihalomethanes (THM) derived from the disinfection process and that THMs have been linked to bladder cancer, our research shows that the health risk is low in Barcelona due to the high quality of the tap water, especially when compared to the overall effects of bottled water "Cristina Villanueva adds In this regard, the findings indicate that a complete switch to tap water would result in a total loss of 309 years of life in Barcelona (which equals approximately on average 2 hours of lost life expectancy if borne equally by all residents of Barcelona). Adding home filtration to tap water would significantly minimize this danger, reducing the total number of years lost to 36. "Our findings suggest that tap water is a better alternative than bottled water when considering both environmental and health consequences because bottled water has a wider variety of effects," says Cathryn Tonne, ISGlobal researcher and study's last author. "Domestic filters can lower THMs levels significantly in some situations, in addition to enhancing the taste and odor of tap water."

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By using medication management tools and strategies, providers can improve adherence, reduce healthcare costs, and improve care quality. Particularly common among elderly Americans, medication non-adherence costs our nation’s healthcare system from $100 billion to $290 billion each year, according to studies reviewed in the Annals of Internal Medicine (AIM). Other research cited by the publication shows that 20% to 30% of prescribed medications are left unfilled by patients, while roughly 50% of medications for chronic diseases aren’t used by patients as prescribed. That latter percentage is astounding given the debilitating and costly effects of chronic diseases on older Americans, many of whom have multiple chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and COPD. Other studies reviewed by AIM estimate medication non-adherence causes approximately 125,000 deaths annually in the U.S. A study published in 2017 concluded that previously hospitalized patients with low and intermediate adherence (combined) had a 30-day readmission rate of 20%, more than twice the 9.3% readmission rate for patients with high adherence. The reasons why elderly Americans so frequently fail to take medications as prescribed are many. They include the forgetfulness that typically comes with aging, fear of potentially harmful side effects, the high cost of their prescriptions, confusion about whether or when they took their pills, and mistrust of their clinicians or caregivers. Whatever the reasons behind medication non-adherence, there are strategies and tools available for patients, providers, caregivers, and health plans to ensure that patients take their prescribed medications as directed by their clinicians. Successfully implemented, these tools and strategies will not only increase medication adherence, they’ll also lower overall healthcare costs by reducing unnecessary doctor appointments, visits to the emergency department and hospital admissions. And by allowing clinicians and resources to focus on fewer patients, these strategies and tools can lead to improved quality of care. Effective medication management strategies include reducing out-of-pocket expenses to make it easier for patients to purchase their prescribed medications, case management, and patient education with behavioral support. The AIM review found that all three strategies improved medication adherence among patients with more than one chronic disease. Medication management apps combined with tamper-proof automated pill dispensers help elderly Americans take the correct dosages of prescribed medications when they’re supposed to take them. Some apps remind patients to refill prescriptions at the appropriate time and even allow users to place orders with their pharmacy. According to Today’s Geriatric Medicine, “medication management technology increases adherence an estimated 40%, potentially saving 50,000 lives and $120 billion each year.” Telemedicine is another tool that can keep elderly patients on their prescribed medication schedules. Remote patient monitoring enables clinicians to collect patient vitals daily. This information can be aggregated with data from the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) to provide insights into whether a patient is taking their prescribed medications. For example, if a patient’s daily vitals show blood pressure or glucose levels trending higher, clinicians can use this data to intervene and get the patient back on track before their non-adherence results in an unnecessary use of costly healthcare resources.